Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am NOT Procrastinating

I am not delaying. I am not avoiding. I want to start sewing up the mitered squares. I've got 40 blocked. That's half. Time and past time to start. I like sewing up. I do. Really.

It's just that I seem to have mislaid my Mason-Dixon book. Yeah. That's it.

Oh, and Clare needed my Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques so she could choose a bind-off for the fingerless mitts she invented. Right.

Okay. So Clare's done binding off for the moment. We'll ignore the additional fact that she's at work and would probably be perfectly happy if I used the book in her absence. Let me think. There has to be another reason. Oh. She's still trying to integrate her college life and accumulations with her non-college life and accumulations and I fear to disrupt what I am sure is a delicate, complex and organized state. It's called her room. Sure.

I suspect the real reason is that I want to figure out a pattern. Something that will make the blanket less haphazard than trying to have all 9 colors represented in every set of 4 squares - a physical impossibility, since each set of 4 squares can only hold a maximum of 8.

Sewing up is so permanent. Having once attached one square to another, I suspect I will never detach them. So I want something harmonious. A unifying theme. I've been playing with my interpretation of Diane's idea of opposing the repeated colors diagonally. It could work. (She may have meant me to continue the diagonal across the whole blanket.)

I think I'm making too big a deal out of this. Time to stop thinking and start doing. Where are my Chibi's?


diane h said...

Well, if you would like another reason not to sew up, I meant outer tip to outer tip - where you have the darker blue/lt green tipped at the inside of the square to the darker blue/peach (in my monitor's translation anyway), put the outer darker blues tipped to each other in diagonal opposite positions as part of other 4-square groups. Like arrows pointing to each other. Logcabin quilting has endless possibilities.

Bobbi said...

I completely understand! It needs to be perfect and worthy of all the time and effort you've put in to knitting each square. nothing less than the best!