Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Made The Cut

Here's a nice change. Not only is it not about mitered squares, it's not even about Mason-Dixon, except indirectly.

I made the 200 knitters running (knitting?) in the dish rag relay race. Emily at
Yarn Miracle came up with this. I read about it in Kay's post here. Sign ups were indeed limited. I was 191 out of a maximum of 200.

The rules specify no knitting until Tagged (that is, until you get The Box in the mail), but I can plan. I've been digging through my books.

Mining the Web. I'm particularly intrigued by the one called "Idiot's Dish Cloth." There's also "Last Night's Dish Cloth", "Mable the Mock Cable Cow", a "Skull and Crossbones" cloth, and one called "I Can't Drive Fifty FIVE" which turns out to be just a dishcloth with a number 5, but I love the name.

I have Barbara Walkers.

Or (chortle) I could always make a mitered square.

Oh. This is gonna be fun.

Blocked - 36
On the board - 0
Completed - 45
On the needles - 46, 47, 48


diane h said...

Every time I make what is called the idiot's dish cloth, it comes out to be more of a diamond shape. I don't know what that makes me. What a great site of dishcloth patterns!

Bobbi said...

oh! that looks like fun.