Thursday, June 07, 2007

Moderation In All Things

I can feel it. The small universe comprised of those of us who read this blog is cringing. Of the 10 of us (I'm feeling optimistic today), 9 are worrying, "All mitered squares? All the time?"

Well, no. Let me make some reassuring noises here. The mitered squares are just at the top of the queue. Where previously they provided a break from bigger projects, they now have been officially designated The Big Project. I expect this to last at least until the yarn comes in for Clare's robe.

You see, though we be few, we be dear to me, and I do not wish to bore us. This morning I was envisioning what would happen if I let myself go live completely in Mitered Square Land. Weeks of posts, all endless permutations of, " Here's the square I knit today."

I would probably throw in a few "Ooo! See what I blocked?" or "Guess how many ends I wove in this week?" for variety.

Can you imagine? Soon the lurkers who I hope are out there would abandon ship. We'd be down to 7. Then even the avid Mason-Dixoners would leave. Pretty soon, Bobbi, Jess, Shelley and Amy would drift away. A few might hang around out of the same horrified fascination that makes for gapers' block during rush hour. My sister would evade my phone calls. Then Diane would start ducking invitations for coffee, knowing she would be met by a wild-haired woman, drooling and with a twitch in her left eye, who would open the door and cackle, "Want to see my latest mitered square?"

So, I promise to keep my sense of proportion. I'll exercise some restraint. Use my common sense. I promise to knit other things. I promise to take pictures and post about them.

Although, it's a little scary. I could have sworn I didn't knit yesterday. Maybe a little first thing in the morning. Maybe a few rows at the Latin Gala. (During which I lost major mom points. John's last performance -- he was Brutus -- and I forgot the camera. The revocation of my license may already be in the mail.)

Yet somehow I now have 33 mitered squares instead of 31.


Jess said...

Mitered squares or not, at least you're posting. That's more than can be said for some of us...

I like the colors you're using, much more subdued than some of the other mitered squares out there.

diane h said...

I have been composing in my mind a better post than - see the asymmetrical sweater NOW and a few more rows on the Train to NH sock -

Bobbi said...

I'm not leaving. Knitters are a weird bunch I'm reminded of that every time y'all ooooh and aaaaah over the fact that I knit another 3 rows on Mentionable :)

Shelly said...

That was funny, I am staying for the knitting and for the humor.