Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out of Time

All of yesterday's indecisiveness has been set aside. I need a scarf and I need it fast. One of Marco's teachers has been "reassigned." I suspect that's Chicago-Public-Schools-speak for fired. We thought she'd be here through the end of the school year, but she's found another position and has decided to take it immediately.

Way back when Marco modeled Red Scarves for me, he made it clear he had expectations, to wit, I was to knit scarves for teachers. This is something I've never given high priority, since he'll be at his special ed. high school/vocational training school until he turns 22. Besides, there had been remarkable stability in the teacher population so I, in a word, slacked.

This gift is supposed to be more about Marco than the rest of us. Last night we went stash shopping - mine and Marco's. I admit I was delighted when he chose yarn from his. (Let us pause for a moment here in stunned admiration of my sister who, knowing her nephew's commitment to "rainbow yarn" organized, shopped Knitche, and gave him, among other fabulous skeins of which I am insanely covetous, Handmaiden Great Big Sea in colorway Popsicle, for his birthday.)

We chose Misty Garden by Jo Sharp from Pam Allen's Scarf Style for the pattern. Anything less misty I'd be hard pressed to find. I think it's more of a circus tent run amok, but all three of the household males, most importantly Marco, have approved it. In point of fact, they have approved it enthusiastically. Odd behavior from a group who thinks knitting should be kept as dark and monochromatic as possible, but I've decided to find this reassuring. Just as well. There's no time to rip and choose another pattern anyway.

Besides, it's so like Marco to send his teacher off with a rainbow.

Godspeed and good luck.


AmyArtisan said...

What a lovely scarf for the teacher! I've knit that pattern twice & find it to be a quick one. Definitely a beautiful skein from Marco's stash & I love the concept of sending the teacher off with a rainbow.

jwordsmith said...

That is gorgeous! Good for you and Marco.