Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Desperate Times

I know that I am not the queen of the universe, or even of the general Chicago area. Nonetheless, considering the portents noted in the last post (and how long they've been in coming), I take deep and personal exception to the forecast: snow mixed with rain on Saturday, snow mixed with rain on Sunday. I wouldn't mind an April blizzard if spring had been given the chance to get more than a toehold here, but it hasn't and I do.

I thought perhaps spring colors in my knitting would be enough to entice Persephone to stay above ground for the duration. It would appear I was wrong. The Barnyard Quilt is, after all, made from wool sock yarn. A greater sacrifice is required. Today I have put aside any and all things wool.

This has worked before when the weather threatened, at least to improve my attitude if not actual atmospheric conditions. I am going to knit new grass and leaves (there's not a single leaf on a single tree yet), blue sky and sunlight.

I may have to juggle three skeins of dishcloth cotton to do it, but someone has to take desperate measures.

ETA: I almost forgot to thank AmyArtisan, both for the idea (scroll down to "D is for Dishcloth"), and for emailing me the pattern for "Grandma's Favorite" so I didn't have to hunt all over the Internet for it.


jamie said...

I agree about spring. Lots of snow today in Boulder.

Done with that already!!

AmyArtisan said...

What a fun way to knit the favorite dishcloth - here's hoping the spring colors will help keep spring coming here! :) I have started using my spring scarf & see plants starting to poke up in the flowerbed. Come on spring!! :)