Friday, April 11, 2008

I Am Not as Powerful as I Think I Am

It's a harsh truth. It seems I am not able to bend the forces of nature to my will. Perseph and Dem remain stubbornly independent and unamenable to my knitterly enticements. In short, snow is back in the forecast for tomorrow. Oh well. How about some pictures to ease the pain? Spring is all about potential, right?

I may have found Marco's yarn. This is "Sea," Cascade The Heathers, 4005. Swatching will commence shortly, and yes, it will likely take the form of a sleeve.

In the meantime, I'm having a hard time leaving my dishcloth kick behind. Marco was off today (Marking Day? Possibly. Report cards come out next week.). When we have a day to ourselves we head out to Michael's. This is Sugar 'n Creme Twist, Country Twist on the left, Denim Twist on the right. I'm thinking they need to be made into eLoominator's Diagonal Dishcloth (I can only find the pattern on Ravelry, sorry, although it's free there.) It should make good movie night knitting (Tonight's feature - The Marx Brothers in Horsefeathers).

As for my failure to control the weather - eh. At least I tried. Besides, here's another home truth: I've been missing wool.

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