Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Working

At least, I think it is. The snow has been taken out of the forecast for Saturday. I'm a little worried though. That may have been too easy. Four or five hours of knitting might not make for an acceptable sacrifice. Besides we're still on for snow on Sunday. What if enticing Persephone is not enough? What if one dishcloth is seen as meager? It occurs to me I should have a back up plan. Perhaps I should think in terms of placating Demeter as well. You know how mothers are.

Wool is still on the proscribed list. I need a project (or several) that involves plant material. It all depends on just how cranky Demeter is feeling. I'm thinking linen. Knitter's Stash has those 8 knitted washcloths. The patterns call for the finer grade of Euroflax linen, not the sport-weight I have in my stash. I suspect I could adjust.

Of course, they still may not do the trick. What if the goddesses want something that indicates commitment? Something more involved? Something, how shall we say, bigger than a dishcloth? Got it covered. While running errands in the rain out at the western suburbs today, I ducked into String Theory. They had Euroflax Sport in white, just what the Pillow of Sei Shonagon in Knitalong calls for.

What? You think this is all an elaborate rationalization? Nonsense, hogwash and fiddlesticks. This has nothing to do with a desperate attempt to justify starting the Pillowbook. (Wouldn't something from Through the Looking Glass be great?) This is a genuine, altruistic attempt to lure Spring (and not in the shape of rains so steady and heavy that we spend a month with flood warnings).

You doubt? Well, let's see what Sunday brings.


diane h said...

I read the entry at Amy Artisan on Grandmother's Dishcloth. Having piles of them at the ready sounds like a goal. But I keep buying the same color of Sugar-n-Cream.

alpineflower said...

I've made some of those Knitter's Stash linen dishcloths - they're pretty fun, and you can get a couple out of each skein. I never paid attention to whether I was using the right weight...

Good luck with the snow; we endured it yesterday and the day before.