Thursday, April 17, 2008

Approaching Critical Mass

I've always envisioned this as the point before the explosion. The moment before either the descent onto disorder or the achievement of a new and higher level of order. It happens to me every time I pass the midpoint of a project. I start planning elaborations and extensions. I have only 4 repeats left and the final border for the Sei Shonagon Pillow from Knitalong. I need to get cracking.

I admit, I'm a little concerned. This is supposed to fit a 12" by 16" pillow. I'm relying on the miracle of blocking here, because looking at the current measurement, it's going to take a lot of stretching.

It's currently 20 inches wide, though, which tells me if I had knitted on larger needles, I would have the reverse problem and wouldn't really be in any better shape.

This descent into practicalities, however, hasn't stopped me from planning ahead. Larissa has you make this up as a one-sided pillow. I'm thinking it could be double-sided. All I have to do is make a second rectangle. If I did, I could make this into a pillow case. That way, when it makes first contact with my house (clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy is something I strive to achieve), I'll be able to wash it.

Of course, a double-sided pillow case needs lining for the back. Some type of closure might be nice, too, especially considering how far it's going to have to expand. Buttons, maybe, if I want to get fancy. Although if I want subtle, maybe some variation of hook-and-eye. Or ribbons lacing it up.

This doesn't even begin to address the ideas skittering through my brain for the text for the pillow front.

Like I said, critical mass.

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Anonymous said...

I love this and truly believe it helped bring todays 70+ temperature.