Monday, November 26, 2007

The World Is A Carousal of Color or Brown Is Not the Same as Blue/Green/Gray

One Thanksgiving Feat (also Feast), four pies (3 pumpkin, 1 pecan), 3 loaves of pumpkin bread (to use up the last of the canned pumpkin) most of a Science Fair Project and a great haircut later and I'm back.

It turns out Clare and I were at cross purposes. I was talking main color. She was talking contrast color - specifically something that would work with the Shannon. Seems I neglected to tell her about that little comment on the manufacturer's website. The one that said "For great for felted projects, machine wash your knitting" [sic]. Whether they meant "Great for felted projects; machine wash your knitting" or "For great felted products machine wash your knitting" it was still the kiss of death - now that I have accumulated 22 balls of the stuff.

So. Not brown after all. While the nice people at String Theory are trying to track down more Cloud Jungle, I've been pursuing other blue/green/grey combinations. (Cloud Jungle on the Internet or anywhere else is about as available as hen's teeth, or eye of newt). I'm thinking Good Luck Jade. I started to copy the picture, then got all hung up on copyright issues, so you'll have to click the link to see it. I'm thinking it's beautiful on it's own, looks like it will work with November Muse and qualifies as a fluffy color of the blue/gray/green variety. I have 7 skeins working their way across the continent (really, I found a skein in Minnesota, some more in Ontario and the rest in Ohio). Best predictions have the yarn starting to arrive Wednesday.

You wonder what am I knitting while I wait? Well, there's the Latest Swatch, posted here partly for Clare's benefit, in case I'm wrong about the Good Luck Jade and end up knitting a brown afghan after all. This is actually a wonderful work. For one thing, despite my tension issues, I won't have to try to knit an entire afghan on size 17 needles (the Scribble Scarf was hard enough, thank you very much). In fact, I'm not too fond of that end section knit up on size 15's.

So, although I'm not getting gauge with the US 13's, which is the size the pattern calls for (and why am I even trying? the only thing the pattern and I have in common any more is the basic method), I may decide I like that fabric best.

Hence the decision to order 1750 yards instead of 1500, in case that smaller gauge eats up more yarn than I think it will. Feel free to let me know if you have a preference.

And then there's the 2nd version of the Second Baby Surprise Jacket.

(Sorry Diane, the blue on blue was too boring to knit.)

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy. Hope you all saved room for pie.

Only 29 days until Christmas.


diane h said...

I broke out the Spode dinner plates and my tastefully Christmas sweater (tasteful because it's embroidered cardinals and chickadees, nothing with a tree). Pie is so last Thursday!

Shelly said...

Now I am thinking of making a version of that afghan/throw. I liked it in the book, and I like it when you are making it.