Friday, November 16, 2007


Question: How am I justifying all this knitting for myself and distant others when I have a local and beloved group asking for donations?

Answer: I am multi-talented, which is good. It does, however, sometimes mean I have to demonstrate a greater level of flexibility than I might wish. It's called a do-over.

For the Christmas Market, they want ornaments. I can do that. Ta da! "Marbelous Ornaments."

These are particularly fun. If I don't like one (read: WTH was I thinking?),

with a little hot water, I can change it. This level of flexibility I can handle.

Then they asked for wreaths. I can do wreaths.

Although it has occurred to me that since the Market isn't until December 1st, that sort of Autumnal wreath on the left requires some adjustment. Lose the maple leaves. And I haven't decided on the ribbon for the one on the far right. I'm not bad with this level of change either.

Back on the knitting front, Clare has asked for a sample, so I have swatched. Astonishingly, I am spot on with both stitch and row gauge using the recommended size needle, although I shouldn't be since I'm using very different yarn. The pattern calls for Classic Elite Bravo (main color, very fancy fuzzy mohair/multi-texture fiber blend) and Montera (smooth contrast color). I'm using Tahki Shannon (much less fuzzy main color) and an as yet unknown contrast yarn.

Unknown because, based on the swatch, what looked gold in the skein looks too brown knitted up. Which was annoying on several levels. Once I had knit up that first bit and gotten the gauge miracle, I ran a "blind" test past Marc - "blind" as in I didn't ell him I already had plans for the contrast. He recommended green. I, of course, blithely disregarded this and got my deserved comeuppance.

I don't have enough of this particular yarn (Dale of Norway something). Which is fine, since I think I want something with a sheen to it (wool and microfiber? wool and silk?). Still, I have to admit he was on to something and that kind of flexibility, I need to work on.

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wow ! you have been busy!