Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who Told?

Do you think someone mentioned that reference to my mother? Why else would she have called me to tell me she wants chocolate turkeys for Thanksgiving? I have committed to making the pies. Still, even though I think of myself as the recalcitrant one, I set off for See's Candy in Downer's Grove in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. (Have I mentioned that I actually live in the city of Chicago. Or that 3 of my siblings live in the Western Suburbs? Did I think of this when my mother called to instruct me to get the turkeys?)

Too late, alas, too late. All the chocolate turkeys had been sold.

Bearing the heavy burden of my egregious failure, I bought a pathetic substitute.

Perhaps she didn't mean to send me so far? Perhaps she meant me to go to that local chocolatier, Fannie May? Perhaps she has forgotten that since Fannie May was bought out, they no longer maintain a candy store in my neighborhood? Besides, it seems they are chocolate turkey-less this year.

I wish I had known that before I stalked all the Jewel-Oscos on my way home.

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