Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not Yet

Having unloaded on you all last night, it seems only fair to tell you today - it wasn't to get custody, it was to prepare to petition for custody. It turns out this process will go on for months. I'm married to a lawyer. I should have known nothing can happen in our court system in such a direct and efficient manner. I can't decide if this is worse or better.

Still given the assumption I was working with this morning, and with Elizabeth Zimmermann's advice to "knit on" in mind, I packed for the occasion. Here's what I knit while I thought we were going in for guardianship today. It is symptomatic that I dropped a stitch (in garter stitch?), didn't notice for about 6 rows, picked it up wrongly, and then knit on oblivious to the fact until after I had bound off badly.
Here's what I knit when I found we didn't have to go there quite yet.

So much for attempting to present a cool, competent, impassive face to the world. At least, so much for the attempt had there been any other knitters present.

In case you're wondering, I figured I needed something extremely simple and portable, so Kay will get a couple of 4 inch garter squares from Chicago. A gift from the mother of one disabled child to another.

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