Thursday, March 29, 2007


So. Diane, good practitioner of the Corporal Acts of Mercy that she is, came over to cheer up the poor sick knitter. Over coffee, I confessed I felt stupid blogging about my knitting because, while I'm excited about the sweater and the curtain, they don't make for interesting blog fodder.

About an hour ago, Fed Ex came by. Look what I got!

They're from relatives in Michigan. Looking at them, I realize what my knitting is lacking these days. It's called color.

Nothing like the epiphany you get when your blinding revelation is of the obvious.


diane h said...

I will think of my visit as to the sick rather than the imprisoned ;-) Beautiful flowers!

Shelly said...

That color green is my absolute favorite color.

Jess said...

What gorgeous flowers! I love gerbera daisies! I can't wait to see what this inspires in your work :-)