Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In Which All Is Forgiven

I don't want to draw the attention of the knitting gods. I have had quite enough of that lately, thank you very much. But I can't let John's sweater continue to live in infamy.

My strong sense of justice compels me to admit that we reconciled yesterday. Apparently all it wanted was to be taken out in public. Clare is home. This necessitates a trip to Target. While she shopped, I knit. Lo and behold, a sleeve took shape beneath my hands. As an added benefit, I didn't feel the need to go ballistic while Clare dithered.

Jess suggested that maybe Elizabeth used a different increase, and she's right. In fact, Elizabeth's increase was at the root of the problem. I couldn't keep straight which way to twist my loop, even after watching EZ on the Knitting Workshop DVD. I felt sure, however, that Elizabeth would understand if I switched to an increase I knew and liked. The hubris part was thinking I could remember the M1R and M1L from the Perfect Sweater without checking.

It progresses.

Still, I'm feeling a little shaky about my sweater knitting chops right now. Maybe I'll go make Clare wear her Perfect Sweater for the rest of the day.

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Jess said...

I'm glad you got back on track there. Don't feel bad about the M1L and M1R - it's taken me *years* to get that down and I still have to stop and think about it most of the time.