Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Remember the Ab-Fab 6-in-1 afghan from a few posts ago?

Remember my chagrin at finding these colors as part of the kit?

I trotted out to Knitche this morning and consulted. This is what we came up with. The question is, which one, which one? The ecru mohair is a given. The choice is between the Malabrigo (the dark red) and the Colinette merino tape (the, well, the other one).

The Malabrigo is probably more in keeping with the original yarn - dark, semi-solid, at more or less the right end of the spectrum. I love the color. It's the safe choice.

The Colinette, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing in common with the yarn it would be replacing. Noticeably variegated, so far removed on the spectrum it bears no relation to the original. Even the texture - flat tape compared to plied - is at odds. At least the Malabrigo is round, sort of.

And yet, it's the merino tape I'm drawn to.

A decision must be made. Unless (given how slowly I knit) you want to spend the next few weeks looking exclusively at dark-green stockinette.

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