Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fever Dreams

I'm knitting on miles of dark-green stockinette for John's Hybrid Sweater. The eternal stockinette is supposed to be broken up with little knitting projects like the fingerless gloves. What has this got to do with any of that?

Down the dusty roads and far away, when the world was young and Marc and I were DINKS, we bought this condo as, I thought, an investment. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2000 square feet, and I managed to convince myself we would be out of here long before any then-hypothetical children could notice there was no attic or backyard. There are none so blind.

One of the disadvantages of moving from a 1 windowless bathroom apartment to a two bathrooms with windows apartment is what to do with the windows. We solved the front bathroom (the one company gets to see) with a couple of Laura Ashley flat sheets. Our bathroom, however, has spent most of its life like this.

Enter Mason-Dixon Knitting and the Bubbly curtain. Measure the window. Exit the Bubbly curtain.

Come this past Thanksgiving, we finally did the Target thing.

Better. At least you can't see the ancient textured glass. But not quite what I want. Although I am fond of Clare's clever pin-it-at-the-top-to get-it-to-the-right-length solution.

Enter the Bubbly curtain. Price the yarn. Exit the Bubbly curtain.

Which brings us to now and the realization that I may sicker than I thought.

I was happily swatching away with my Maggi's Linen for a second pair of fingerless gloves. One thing led to another. I checked my gauge, 5 spi; just the gauge for the Bubbly Curtain. Throw in the Yarn Harlot's 1 week bedroom renovation, Diane's playing around with her blogger template and her project list, the time spent with Mason-Dixon Knitting while I debated various I'm-tired-of-being-sick projects, and too much time in cyberspace. Combine all of the above with the obscene amount of white Maggi's Linen I bought at less than cost when one of my favorite yarn stores retired.

I measured my bathroom window again. It's still 30.5" by 54". Yet this looks nothing like a pair of fingerless gloves.

Ann is very clear; the Bubbly Curtain is for "any small window." I don't think anyone would call 2-1/2 ft. by almost 5 ft. "small." The fabric may be too heavy. The window may overwhelm the curtain. I, however, am convinced that the Bubbly Curtain was designed to solve my 23 year dilemma. Don't bother arguing with me. I'm delirious.


diane h said...

I am enabling supportive! When the apt across the landing was emptied and then filled with painters last week, I became aware that our new windows are not as oblique as that "ancient textured glass." I put up a sheer (that is too long, so will take advantage of Clare's quick fix) but what I really want is someone to finish my pink/purple bubbly curtain.

debby said...

i used maggies linen for my bubbly curtain, and it worked perfectly.
good luck!

Jess said...

Oooh, that's gonna be pretty! I hope it works out!