Thursday, March 15, 2007

44 Stitches

I had my doubts. Grave reservations.

Using a 16" circular needle, cast 0n 20% of body stitches, very loosely. That's the gist of the directions Elizabeth gives to start the sleeve in KWT.

We are entering the realm of Believing in Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, where Elizabeth is the Red Queen and I am Alice. Forty-four stitches on this?

Loosely. Loosely. I figure she isn't talking about the stitch itself so much as the space the stitch is going to have to stretch, the yarn between the stitches. I'm convinced this can't possibly work. Forty-four stitches cannot span a 16" needle. It's got something to do with Physics and the Fabric of the Universe. I have my size US7 and my size US8 DPN's on hand. Everybody needs backup.

Ah, but I have evidence. Documentation. Irrefutable proof. Elizabeth is right.

Oh me of little faith. Still, you've got to admit: it really shouldn't have worked.

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