Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Victoria Mitts are, to all intents and purposes, finished. "To all intents and purposes" (as in "not really" or "not quite but never mind") because the knitting is done and the thumbs sewn up, but the side seams, not.

I have moved on. And you can blame Diane a little bit, because I mentioned this to her and she made encouraging noises. The fact that she was in my kitchen drinking coffee and sharing left-over Dinette Cake had, I'm sure, nothing to do with her response.

The Victoria Mitts have a 3 color striped version. I actually have in my possession a ball of Louisa Harding Grace in blue and one of the Rowan Kid Classic in black. I also am the proud possessor of 2 skeins of Mountain Colors Twizzle - the yarn that Sherry sent from Madison as described in what must be the single most looked at post on this blog (I really should quote from Hamlet more often). I could use some of the Twizzle and make myself a pair of striped mitts.

Remember the Not-a-Huckleberry Scarf? The one made from that very same Twizzle yarn? The one that I've been hiding from because I wanted to do something different with it? As in not bobble the ends?

What would happen if, with the Grace and the Kid Classic, I lifted the garter stitch/eyelet/picot edging from the mitts and used it on the end of the scarf? I'm pretty sure the picot bind-off will work with any multiple of 3 plus 1. The pattern for the Huckleberry Ascot has you pick up 115 stitches to make the end of the ascot ruffly. Since 115 is a multiple of 3 plus 1 (trust me), I could make it lacy and ruffly. And the scarf and the mitts would match. You know, as in a set. For me. That's what would (could) happen.

And even though the original pair was meant for me, somebody else will want them, won't they?

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