Monday, February 18, 2008


It would seem I've invented a word. Even Google couldn't find it. And my spell-checker is deeply distressed. But that's what I have.

Let me explain.

Marco chased me out of the kitchen so he could feed his addiction to the portable DVD player. I intended to shift my base of operation to the dining room for the duration (they go back to school tomorrow). There's a -- and I use the phrase for its ironic restraint -- slight problem.

Hence my diagnosis. Enono: Greek for "consolidate, link, join, unite." Phobia: Greek for "fear of." It's always a relief to know, isn't it?

I am struggling to overcome it.

That's for tomorrow's post, though. Can one be phobic and manic over the same thing?

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diane h said...

I know what you mean! I spent days avoiding putting the arms on my blue sweater, but I see you have made it past that hurdle with John's sweater. Be brave -