Friday, February 01, 2008

Faint Heart

Yesterday, I had to drive in what, before this morning's 8 to 12 inches of snow, seemed like foul weather.

As a reward, I stopped at String Theory, ostensibly to return the pastel green yarn from the (so far) failed Weekend Knitting Afghan, but really to exchange it for the supplies for the Fingerless Rovaniemi Mittens. I had decided I would be bold. I would be daring. I would knit in technicolor.

I'd read the directions. They seemed fiddly, but fun. Intriguing. Interesting, but in a good way. Something that, with a little patience and a firm desire for the result, I could do.

Then I read Diane's comment. A big project? These? Really? She clearly knows something I don't. Worse, she could be right. I went back and read the article that accompanied the mitts. Oh. Maybe they are too ambitious. Besides, I really should knit from my stash, at least occasionally, shouldn't I? And I have this Rowan Kid Classic in Peat that I'd bought with Art in mind, but had decided was too dark.

Which is how I happened to rationalize myself into the Victoria Fingerless Mittens.

Of course, one more try with this picot cast on and I may change my mind back. (What, you thought I would make them in pink?)

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