Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Then Again

It would seem I don't give up as easily as I think I do. Behold, slightly (very slightly) revamped Victoria Mitts. Well, revamped from what I had already modified. I quite liked how the ribbed cuff looked knit on the US 5s. I knew I wasn't as happy with the hand when I knit it on US size 6s, while the edging, knit on US 8's, was way too floppy. So this time I kept the US 5 ribbing, used US 6s for the edging, and US 7s for the hand. I knit the ribbing until the cuff measured 4 inches (22 rows instead of 20). I shortened the hand itself by 2 rows after the final thumb gusset increase. Chose the smaller needles for the garter stitch/eyelet/ picot trim at the wrist and fingers to pull it in a bit. I'm thinking of blocking these to get the picots to settle down. So, ta-da.

I may even be tempted to try these out in the recommended silk-wool blend (Louisa Harding Grace).

That other problem? Well, a little thought and common sense suggests that if I sew garter stitch together by abutting the seams, and stockinette by stitching between the first two rows, never the twain shall meet. That pucker is what happens when I move across the stitch. I need to move one of the seams, so the join happens in a straight line. Since I didn't slip the first stitch, my end rows are from hunger, completely unpresentable; shifting the mattress stitch out is not going to work. Choosing a different seam for the garter stitch section, now that has possibilities. This is what happens when I switch to back-stitch on the wrong side.

This is close, very close, to what I want. I just wish the back was more presentable. I'm having a hard enough time accepting that the blanket won't be reversible. I don't think I can accept something this wopperjawed.

Then again, I have only 3 of the 16 new squares started.

I have time to think some more.


alpineflower said...

Heh. Wopperjawed.

Luni said...

So, is that 3 Mitts there? First, three booties, now three Mitts. ;) I just bought a couple of balls of Grace in a deep brown. It seems like very nice stuff. I was thinking scarf, but now you've got me thinking mitts. Wouldn't the real solution to the seam problem have been to increase a stitch on the sides when you started the stockinette? I was going to ask why you cast on for three squares at a time, but I think that would put me over my quota for questions in this comment.