Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Green Enough

You would think I'd have enough green in my knitting at the moment. Especially when you consider my claims to dislike many of its variations. Which perhaps both explains yesterday's immersion in retail therapy and - doesn't.

I need some space from the eternal Olympic Rain Forest that is the Hybrid Sweater. (Which, by the way, has undergone another metamorphosis. It's now a Shirt Yoke Variation of the Saddle Shoulder Hybrid.) I decided to spend some of my free money at Knitche (Two! count 'em, t-w-o gift certificates). I came home with Option 1/two skeins of Cascade 220 in Redwood, the new Interweave Knits, another Lantern Moon bag (don't start, they had new colors), and Option 2/three balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in, and I kid you not, "Rich," a.k.a. shade 911.

Option 1 is going to join the ongoing Cascade Party. I'm going with Option 2. It isn't green, but it could be said to be enabling green. Having determined that colors from the cool side of the spectrum fade right out next to the Not Quite Cloud Jungle, and with the amazing transformation wrought by crocus-color on the Real Cloud Jungle, I've decided to go with this.

It's too light to be red, right? So no one would look at this and think, "Oh, what a nice Christmas decoration. A little large to hang on the front door, isn't it dear?" And too dark to be pink, right? Right?

Maybe it will stop being the Sea and I'll pretend I'm knitting Spring.

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Anonymous said...

But, I like watermelons. OK I will trust yo on how they actually look together. Still, I like the concept