Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Another Swatch

You know that scene in Hudsucker Proxy? The one where Tim Robbins takes the piece of paper with a circle drawn on it out of his shoe and shows it to Paul Newman and says it's, "You know. For kids," and no one has any idea what it's supposed to be? By the same logic,

It's a sweater.

I don't expect to be invited to take over a multi-million dollar company, or manufacture Hula-hoops for that matter, but I am quite sure I'm making the right sweater. It took a few tries to convince Marc he really needed to look at this thing. The closer examination paid off. He likes the color (Cascade 220 in Mallard). He likes K1P1 ribbing better than K2P2. When he says he wants two cables running up the front, he doesn't mean a pair of two stitch twisted ribs (the top of the cable sampler part). The open cable (at the bottom) got the nod, rather than the twisted rope (more or less in the middle). He wants the two cables on the plain reverse stockinette, no ribbing or anything separating. He had "no idea it was this complex."

He wants it knit on US 7/4.5 mm needles, which blocks out at a gauge of 5 stitches per inch, not US 8/5mm needles that blocks at 4.5. All right, I might have persuaded him to that. I think the cables look more cleanly defined. That would be the pair to the left of the safety pin.

Of course, I don't have a clue where to place the cables, although I'm fairly sure I don't want to place them dead center. Maybe the center after I've decreased for the armscye? Still, I can knit the back and both the sleeves before I have to actually address that little difficulty. That, or I'll be knitting another Really Big Swatch.

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