Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Begone Dull Knitting

Those of you who have read the occasional rail I've made against sock knitting may be surprised to hear this. I thought I was going to like knitting socks. I really did. Deep in my secret heart of hearts, I was waiting to be persuaded. Expecting to slide gleefully down the slippery slope. Sure I was merely looking for an excuse a cause to remove the barriers in my heart and to devolve into an avid, nay rabid, knitter of socks. Like Benedict, who when he said he would die a bachelor did not think he would live until he were married, I thought once I found a reason to knit socks that would let me save face, it would be all over for me. I thought I had found it in the most recent afghans for Afghans campaign.

Then I knit a sock. It wasn't pleasant. I knit another one anyway. Nope, nothing. Then I knit a third in different yarn. Still not good. I have now, finally knit the fourth sock and you know what? I can unequivocally state that I hate knitting socks. I would rather knit cables from written instructions.

This was unexpected. I was so sure I would join the ranks of sock knitters that I went playing on the Net and found cute and clever sock kits for babies with baby-size sock blockers from Lavender Sheep. At least I bought the ones that were on sale. The kit on the left is 100% merino wool in Cranberry. The one on the right is a wool/tencel blend in Chocolate Cherry. I could have sworn there was a third kit, but it seems well and truly buried. I should mention that the yarn looks darker than it is, at least on my screen.

I will never use these. You want them? Leave a comment or send me an email. In the event that more than two of you respond, I'll pull names out of a knitting bag. If the possibly mythical third kit shows up, I'll pull a third name. Just get these out of here, will ya?


Diane H said...

Hmm, cranberry or chocolate cherry. Just can't figure out how you weren't persuaded to the sock side.

Cathy said...

You know I'm a sock knitter...especially baby socks that can be knit up in no time.

I'll glad you stuck with it even though you weren't a happy camper about it.

Your green blanket turned out very nicely, too. Are they all in the mail?

alpineflower said...

I'll take the third one if you find it.