Thursday, June 04, 2009


That's an Unidentified Flying Blogger. Definition: Long absent blogger who flies by her computer and attempts to placate her dwindling readers with the most rapidly conceived and written post she's ever done.

It's not my fault, though. We have another graduation here tomorrow. The ceiling fixtures are done. Apparently that wonky branch on the kitchen light that stopped lighting weeks ago? It just wanted to be clean. I've pulled everything down from the top of the cabinets and washed them (the stuff and the cabinets). The thing is, if the cabinets and tchotchkes were that grubby (and they were, trust me), imagine my kitchen curtains. There's really no way to sugar coat this. An examination revealed that they're, well, fuzzy. As in my husband suggested this morning that if I left them, we could start petting them. We were not amused. Those suckers are going to be washed and ironed by the time he gets home. You betcha by golly. I am alive, though, and if not well (I despise washing curtains), at least more or less accounted for.

Now to the placating part. I have some month old yarn pr0n for you. I know it's a month old, because we just got the notice for the June shipment. I'd like to hold out the hope that there's at least another yarn pr0n post in the near future, but I really can't see beyond tomorrow at 5:00 PM.

This is what Erin at Eat.Sleep.Knit sent for the Malabrigo Club May offering.

Ooo. Pretty.

Speaking of curtains, I have breathed life into a long dormant slog. Yes, I had some mad idea that one of the graduations would impel me to finish it. Ten inches per 50 row repeat, Think I can knit another 135 rows and block it by tomorrow?

Me neither.


Diane H said...

It's time to clean the kitchen cupboards again? And wash the curtains? OK, the MIL is visiting for our graduation next week. I will take care of all this on the weekend.

Ellen said...

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....
I'll see you ther!