Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well, at least I think I am. The sleeves are seamed (and the stripes all line up), the ends tucked in. It's had it's bath. That pre-bath neckline looks awfully huge, though, doesn't it?

Still, a check on Ravelry, while it did show some ribbed necklines, showed way more made according to the pattern. And while it took 3 tries with different and increasingly smaller crochet hooks (I may be a tight knitter, but I am a loose crocheter) to get a comparatively non-distorted edging (and thanks and a hat tip to YouTube for videos on how to crochet backwards - multiple decades of crocheting and I had never come across that technique), that's not why I'm leaving it as it is. One of the Ravelers noted that, once she made the ribbed neckline, her child had trouble getting her head through. I'm not going to risk it.

Thank you, thank you and an even bigger hat tip to you all for your comments on the previous post. While not all of you overtly advocated ripping, we were all agreed that the strip of solid along the bottom was Not The Way To Go. There was actually comparatively little ripping to do - I really did stop the knitting until you had a chance to respond. Gad, sometimes I'm smart.

It's blocking as we speak (heavy humidity here has extended the process). All that puffiness where the front and back meet the sides has smoothed away. Not only that, it looks like it might fit an actual child.


Pattern: Orphans for Orphans sweater by Jean Dykstra in Knitting for Peace. With some math because the yarn I used wasn't anywhere near gauge.

Yarns: Cherry Tree Hill Twisted in "Earth" (the variegated) and Cascade 220 The Heathers in 2453/Pumpkin Spice.

Needles: Addi turbos, size US 9/5.5 mm for the front and back panels, US 8/5 mm for the rest.

I knit the stripes down the sleeves to coincide with the decrease rows, so they're 4 rows wide each. The cuffs and the hem are K2P2 rib, changing colors every row - a feat I accomplished by that handy dandy old slide-the-stitches-back-and-forth-along-the-circular-needle trick that I mastered with the "My Way" shawl.

I'm sweatered out. Who knows a good pattern for a Faroese shawl ( I have Folk Shawls)?


Cathy said...

I really didn't want you to frog, but it looks so much better that you did. I like the color combo.

Julie McC. said...

I know, but it had to be done. I'm much happier with it, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Juli,

I know that I am seeing you tonight and all but I was reading your blog and felt pathetic that I haven't left a comment. And now I'm overwhelmed and will have to ruminate the day away to find something witty and cavalier to say, so stay tuned.