Thursday, August 28, 2008

Design Decision

Dearly as I love you all, you have to admit you're not the most chatty group. I'm going out on a limb here anyway, though, and doing a comment-beg. It's about the Orphans for Orphans sweater.

I'm having second thoughts about one of my design decisions. Second thoughts to the point that I've started daydreaming over new projects, checking stash, considering swatching. You know, the whole avoidance thing. This is getting serious. I may be rationalizing that I'm only researching so I'll have a project ready to go as soon as I finish this, but we all know about those sorts of fantasies and where they lead.

Back to the business at hand. I'm looking at the bottom of the sweater. I thought adding a few rows of the solid to the bottom would sort of unify the sweater before I got into the K2P2 rib/switch yarn every row border. Now I'm wondering if it makes the center panel look too out of place, too much like a bib?

So, really, truly, do me a favor? Please let me know what you think, before I commit any further or abandon my commitment entirely (that Alice Starmore sweater in the foreground is looking mighty tempting).

Maybe if I say, "Pretty please?"


Kathleen said...

How are you finishing the neck?

If you are finishing the neck with the multicolor, I would probably add the rows of solid up there too.

If you are finishing with the solid, I think the bottom is fine as it is.

If you are not finishing it and it is just a rolled neckline, I might have skipped the solid rows at the bottom... but they look fine and i would not rip them out! I try never to make a decision that would require me to rip out anything! :)

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred it without the solid area but it's not distracting enough to rip out unless it really bothers you.

Cathy said...

Since you said 'pretty please.'

I didn't even notice the solid. But then DH will tell my power of observation is pretty pathetic. (But I spotted the Alice Starmore w no problems whatsoever!! LOVELY!!)

I agree with both comments...I wouldn't frog it.

diane h said...

Been in the woods since last Sunday. While not a fan of the two-color pattern, I agree don't frog. Add the solid to the top. It's a vertical stripe. Is there one on the back side too? Not necessary, I'm just more into symmetry than not (really, why do you laugh?).

alpineflower said...

Eh...looks kinda bibby to me. I liked it better in the older post, before you'd gotten the brown horizontal thing going. I can't tell how much frogging would be involved, but if it's not too much...might be worth it.