Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Winners Are

I had a brilliant idea last night. It's gone now, though. So, rather than subject my poor brain to further frustrated feats of lost memory, let's call it done with the two comments that were left on the anniversary post. Diane and Cathy, come on down!

Diane and Cathy are both connected to one of the latest knitting projects here -- the a4A Rectangular Shawl Project and the Campaign for Youth. Diane got me started knitting for afghans for Afghans. Cathy's Blogger profile has the a4A Knitalong as the blog she posts to. She even posted a link there to the "I Did It My Way" shawl. So I'm thinking, if you two don't already have one, how about a copy of Knitting for Peace and yarn to make the Orphans for Orphans sweater?

It's fun. There's hardly any assembly. It knits up quickly, even if you forget to make all the adjustments for not getting gauge and have to rip out occasionally.

This plan has so many added advantages. I get to send people presents. I get to promote the Campaign for Youth, and -- not least by any means -- I get to shop Stitches Midwest with a clear conscience. I have an idea of Diane's yarn preferences (Not Orange!), but Cathy, I need hear from you. It probably wouldn't hurt to include things like "I despise multi-colored yarns," or "Green gives me hives." If you'd rather email, it's over there in the side-bar.

Yarn buying doesn't count if it's not for me, right?


diane h said...

It doesn't matter if I don't get gauge? Is that what you said? The absolute PERFECT sweater. I'm so excited.

After Labor Day.

Cathy said...

I'm thrilled to be a winner & did sent you an email. Have you received it?