Friday, August 15, 2008


Completely. Absolutely. Out of Ideas. Or rather, idea-less ("out of ideas" seems to imply there were some, but now they're gone). I sat down this morning, rather pleased with the project in hand (Marco's sweater) which, despite some minor cable repair necessitated by errors made in the throes of the excitement of Women's Gymnastics, I quite like, and all set to apologize for yesterday's moan-y post. Then I looked at the date. The blog is two years old today. I have no Anniversary Post prepared. No contest. No excuse to send presents out to anyone. And no ideas.

I have prizes. I'm sure I do. Not as many as before The Purge, but there's all that blue Cascade 220. Or, be still my beating heart, I could go shopping at Stitches Midwest next week. Maybe I could invent something cable-centered. I have, however, no way to determine who to send something to.

Oh dang, and there's no knitting pictures. Okay, how about one of what I was planning to write about?

I don't suppose you have any? You know, ideas?


Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Any excuse to yarn shop sounds like a good idea to me. Go & enjoy!

diane h said...

Like jelly beans in a jar, we could guess how many iterations of cables have been tried on the Different Blessingway Blanket. Or how many colors you tried for the Over the Pond afghan? Or how many sincere, not snide comments I have left in the last year? But then you would just be giving the prize away because that would be easy.