Friday, September 19, 2008

Be Jealous

Celadon. Lime. Spring.

It was another in what seemed a long succession of those, "The cosmos has pinned a 'kick me' sign on my back, hasn't it?" days.

Chartreuse. Leaf. Grass.

It was another day when, not unlike Xerxes lashing Hellespont -- and with about as much effect --I was railing and ranting back (patient and long-suffering not being my strong suits).

Jade. Jungle. Kelly.

At some level. though, the cosmos must have been listening. My knitting sister (well, she's my only sister, it's just my advantage that she also knits) decided to send me my Christmas present early.

Hunter. Pine. Moss.

Is it not fabulous?

Asparagus. Willow. Shamrock.

A Giant Skein in "La Boheme" by Hand-Painted Knitting Yarns, with whose yarn I fell in love at Stitches 2007. That's 12 skeins. 1440 Yards.

Are you emerald? Olive? Resembling Granny Smith apples perchance? I knew you would be.

1 comment:

Diane H said...

That doesn't even have to be knitted to be a work of art - the most amazing skein of yarn ever. Verdigris, harlequin, myrtle.