Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't Tell

I think I may be closing in on the triangle. I have, of course, thought this many, many times before. So I don't want to make any sudden movements. This particular project is, as I have found to my cost, easily startled. Noises -- exclamations of "Eureka!" or even the quiet sibilance of a "Yes!" -- have been known to send it fleeing into deep cover, not to re-emerge for days, weeks, months. Caution and quiet are the order of the day.

In a fit of unfettered pessimism, I've reverted to the light blue yarn. The theory is that I can rip it out as many times as I want without worrying about the effect on the final product. I was beginning to envision a blanket made with yarn that had been so "fuzzed" that it wouldn't matter if there were cables or not; they would be completed obscured.

I'm feeling some concern about the way this is flaring out. The body of the piece seems to be out-running the edge. I'm thinking about introducing a cable to go around the pattern. The theory being that it would (might?) pull in that curve a bit. It would also make a good place to hide increases.

We are not calling this swatching, we are calling it caution - see above.

I especially don't want anything to alert the knitting gods to my slight tilt toward optimism. They have, after all, descended on me multiple times during the course of this project and it has never been good.

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