Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Time to wind the last skein of Cloud Jungle, so I'm grabbing a break before I do.

Very quickly, and just to make you jealous keep you entertained, I thought I'd show off you what Clare hauled home for me for Christmas.

It's whispering "stranded colorwork" to me. Which I interpret to mean "Finish the dratted Endpaper Mitts and try something new, already."

Now, however, I have 48 more rows to knit today if I want to even pretend to block this thing in order to ship it tomorrow. Just to add to the pressure, the sun has finally come out and I'd like to try to get some pictures in natural light before it's gone (I meant the afghan, but I suppose the sun, too. Antecedents. Huff.). None of the photos I've taken so far show the colors well. And I don't think it's due entirely to my lack of skill or the chameleon-like nature of the yarn.

Meantime, ponder the logic that has my iPod placing the Boston Camerata singing 17th and 18th century Christmas songs in a preconfigured playlist called "90's Music." I am.

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Luni said...

I actually wouldn't mind a pic of the sun. I've really been missing the sun lately--it must have gone on winter vacay.
If there's logic on my iPod, it completely escapes me. I find it especially unnerving when the theme from Cast on jumps in between chapters of a book. I'm rolling along in 19th century London and suddenly I'm told, loudly, to "knit, knit like the wind."
ps I blogged for you. Go see.