Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amphibious Knitting

One would think, with the frequency with which I make them, that I would have no problem replicating a mistake. Mistakes are so easy. So omnipresent in my knitting. Never actually biting my fingers when I make them, of course. Yet wagging their spiteful little heads at me from 2 inches back. So why can I not duplicate whatever it was I did on the sleeves of the Hybrid Seamless Sweater? I've ripped both sleeves twice now, trying to do for the next 6 sets of increases what I did for the first 7.

Did I switch my M1L's when I meant M1R's? No. Well, yes but only when I made the note, not when I did the actual knitting. Did I do the increases in the stitches before and after the (unnecessary only if you're an Elizabeth Zimmermann reincarnate) stitch markers? No. Did I do the increases into the stitches set off by those very (necessary for me) stitch markers? Apparently not. Yet somehow, long ago and far away, I managed to preserve, inviolate, the 3 stitches I was supposed to leave untouched. And now I can't.

So, here's a grim thought. Unless you want to come over and try to read my knitting for me, I might have to try to figure out what I did by doing some undoing. I might have to actually rip down a few rows further and pay attention. I might need to remember the difference between tinking and taking a dip in the lily pond, even thought the lily pond is so much more fun. I might have to remember I'm a mammalian knitter.

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diane h said...

This one I see. Ugh. Go swimming - it's only -3 out there today.