Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why Haven't I Been Knitting?

Well, first there was this, a.k.a. John's Science Fair Project, Part 1,

And this, a.k.a. Part 2 (that patch of plastic off the California coast represents roughly the North Pacific Gyre - home to a conglomeration of discarded plastic larger than Texas).

Not that I had to do any of the actual work, thank heaven (in some ways a 13 year old is so much nicer than a 12 year old), but there was all that keeping him on task and cheerleading and moral support after midnight and stuff.

Then there were all those things I showed you in the previous post plus these.

Most disheartening, the one knitting break I attempted resulted in disaster. Behold the sad state of the second Baby Surprise Jacket.

Add to that the first Chicago Symphony Family Concert and working at the Christmas Market.

Not only am I not knitting, I'm barely breathing. If you want me, I'll be head-down, trying to unbury my home from the past week. I know there's a dining room table in here somewhere. Not to mention those booties.

1 comment:

diane h said...

I found the red stocking ornaments on my dresser - which would give your dining room table a run for the money (I think my practice of piling serves to preserve the top for my heirs).