Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Plan D

Plan E? F? I've lost count. I'm also muddled. Clare brought home a foreign invader and I have been felled. Still, I thought you might like to be brought up to date while I try to pull a real post out of my viral-ly befuddled brain. Okay, maybe not up to date. Closer to up to date?

Here are the results of the latest foray into the Internet, along with what we did Thursday when we should have been finishing our Christmas shopping.

Here's what you get before you get levelled by the UK version of the common cold if you knit through the grammar school Christmas concert, before and after dinner at the store formerly known as Fields, and while you wait for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Welcome Yule concert to begin, as well as during the interim.

Better, much better. Definitely more garden-in-the-fog like. Or at least, more like the vision of it I've been carrying around in my head. I still can't quite figure out where I went wrong on The Sea. I loved each of the two yarns while I knit them, but can't admit to anything except disappointment at the result. A case where the whole was radically less than the sum of the parts.

Now, considering the number of typos I managed to squeeze in to this little bit, the better part of valor dictates it's time to stop. I think I hear chicken soup calling.


Kathleen said...

The new colors are definitely more reminiscent of a garden.

Sorry you have the uks from the UK. Hope feel better soon.

diane h said...

Maybe a plum pudding? I like these colors too. I need to change some of my vacation time into sick time - and I don't have a good story about transAtlantic children returning -