Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Me Worry?

I don't know why you're worried. This is totally do-able. That tremor in my left fore-arm? Perfectly normal.

All I have to do is let my children revert to a savagery unseen since Lord of the Flies, develop a close and personal relationship with the pizza delivery person, supplement the diet with hot-dogs and fast food, skip the holiday baking, take a leaf out of B.D.'s book and do my Christmas shopping in the frozen foods aisle - better yet, have Himself do my Christmas shopping in the frozen food aisle, increase my ecological footprint by using paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery and the occasional Styrofoam container, allow the condo to revert to the wilderness intended for it by nature and occupancy by three members of the male persuasion plus a cat, park myself at the dining room table until I take root, teach John to make coffee and Marco to use the yarn swift.

Oh. And make the occasional foray outside for Butterfinger Jingles.

See? Totally do-able.


diane h said...

Look at that - another repeat!

Two words: knitter's elbow.

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

Totaly doable!

Now if you could just find some reason to say you are "on strike" and place the blame on those who live in the house, you are set!

Jess said...

You can do it! Do you have a coffee delivery service nearby to keep you caffeinated?