Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Doing the Math or Meet My New Boon Companion

The good news is, even though I have changed the color scheme (Who said "again"?), I am happy with this. "This" is Filatura di Crosa's Zara in 1757 (variously referred to as "Bluestone," "Duck Egg," and "Light Teal").

Now the other shoe. My ambitions are not nearly so over-weening as the Yarn Harlot's. I simply want to finish this blanket in time for Clare to take it back to the UK. (Have I mentioned she's coming Stateside for Christmas? I mean here, in The Blog.) In my most optimistic frame of mind, I tell myself I have 19 days to finish this. Unfortunately, those 19 days include Christmas Eve and Christmas. That gives me 17. Then there's the picking Clare up at the airport. O'Hare Airport. With Marco and John in tow because they're excited, too. Make it 16 days. Take out a couple of weekends, when the demands of the Crew mean only an hour or so of knitting if I get lucky. What does that give me? About 12 days? 10?

Sixty inches or so of afghan in 10 days means 6 inches a day or slightly over 1 repeat. That translates to roughly 20 rows of stockinette at 218 stitches each and 6 rows of garter stitch at 109 stitches. I figure we're looking at -- 4360 plus 654, let's see, that's -- 5014 stitches per day. Did I say "boon"? I think the world's slowest knitter better learn to knit in my sleep.

The first person to suggest I should have gone with mauve or dusty rose will be summarily banned.


diane h said...

Suggest Clare takes the blue line to the Harold Washington library - she calls when she's above ground and you meet up at Starbucks on (Harrison?) That's easily 4 hours saved for knitting right there.

alpineflower said...

The only good place for mauve or dusty rose is a Greek-owned American-style restaurant - you know, with the lighted dessert stand at the entrance and peppermints next to the cash register.

I think it's fabulous the way it is. I will rejoice to see the finished product - and you will too, I'm sure!

Jess said...

I think the blue is a fabulous color choice, but I am worried that you may have lost your mind. I think you will need lots of coffee and chocolate to make your goal.

Luni said...

Um, can you knit while you read blogs?
I like the blue. It looks great, but probably I think that because it is so much better than the funky green. Let's say it looks good.
If I attempted to knit 5,000 stitches a day for two weeks I'd be in a lot of pain. Oh, wait, I'm already in pain, so I guess it wouldn't matter. :D

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

I think the color combination is beautiful - the best I have seen thus far!

May tiny knitting elves visit your home while you sleep!