Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sleep Deprived

No spoilers here.

My copy came yesterday. I like this version, and had to wait for it to get here from the UK (besides, John and Clare had first dibs on the US copy).

But I was up way too late (way too early?) to be coherent now. You wouldn't believe the number of typos involved in that last sentence alone.

Marc theorized that it would all be resolved with a pie fight between Harry and Voldemort involving coconut cream and lemon meringue. Clearly, the man spent too much time watching the Three Stooges in his youth.

Even having finished the series, my favorite ending is still this one (scroll down to "I know how it all ends").


diane h said...

Very nice cover on the UK version. The US edition was amazingly bland/silent in its artwork. No spoiler there either.

I finished at 3:30 AM on Sunday. Worse than a hangover but I took a bit more of the dog that (bit) me and read my favorite parts again.

Jess said...

Was the UK version much different than the US version? I have no intention of ever reading *any* HP books, so don't worry about spoiling anything for me.