Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Complete Opposite of Presumptuous

It's too hot to blog. I have not, however, done a "there but for the grace of God go I" post in a while, and those are always pictures without the burden of wit. I'll try to be clever next time.

There was, of course, this one from a few days ago.

Which makes this one even more infuriating.

Still, they were fixable. [Edited to add: Oh dear. As if this wasn't embarassing enough. But Luni's comment means I have to be more explicit. This is not the result of breaking the yarn. This is the result of knitting with the wrong end. Twice.]

I was told, somewhere/sometime, that the original Shakers never made anything perfect. They considered perfection the province of the Deity, and that to attempt it was presumption. They would, therefore, always incorporate a mistake in their work. Admittedly, this is contrary to everything I can find out about Shakers, but it makes a good story and a nice segue into my most recent find.

See it? How about now?

Right. There.

One lonely little stockinette stitch in a field of garter.

Presumption is the least of my worries.


Bobbi said...

LOL. you're probably the only one who will notice, but it will still drive you crazy. Spoken from experience ;)

Luni said...

Breaking yarn sucks, but what is THAT? A knitting burp? How do you accidently purl? I avoid purling at all costs--if there's a way to do it and not know, I'm interested! :)