Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Variety Maketh a Happy Knitter

Honestly, I must have the attention span of a gnat. While I wait for the assorted finishing items to work their magic on the Doctor's Bag, am I adding rows to latest Red Scarf? No. Knitting away at the Never Ending Garter Stitch Afghan while finishing the Civil War? No, again. I haven't even managed to decide which fabric to use for the lining (although I'm leaning toward the monkeys).

Nor can I say I've made any actual progress on Branching Out, because instead I am trying to adapt it. It's all in my head just now, but I'm sure I can make Branching out work for linens.

I bought the (for me) tiny needles. UPS delivered the yarn today. The book is Weekend Knitting. One of those books that just mysteriously leaped into my hands when I went in to browse the fiction section. I don't know how I ended up in front of the knitting books. Again. Much less in front of the cash register paying for one.

I may use one of the patterns given in the book, too. I quite like the one in the picture. But I have this image in my mind of the leaves growing as I knit. Kind of like the beanstalk.

I'm approaching real lace. Obliquely, perhaps. With my mind's eyes closed, almost certainly. But undeniably on my way. Can steeks be far behind?

Finally. Did you vote yet?

I did.

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diane h said...

Very nice book. I might have to visit the bookstore for a tour. I voted but the touch-screen machine did not work because our little ladies couldn't boot it up. Tried to call the board of elections. No one cares about the little precinct 32 in ward 20.