Friday, November 24, 2006

Determination and Creativity - A Tale of Two Scarves

I went for leaded with the pumpkin pie instead of unleaded. As long as I'm waiting for the caffeine to wear off, I figured I could pay a little attention to the blog. Between having Clare home and Thanksgiving, it's been sadly neglected.

Wednesday, after ridding the house of 6 bags of recycling, cleaning the refrigerator, disassembling the worst domestic eye-sores, making pumpkin and apple pies, finding my living room and dining room under the layers of toys and knitting, figuring out what to do with the hundred or so CDs my husband has brought home now that Tower Records is going out of business and he can make up for 20 years of refusing to buy CDs because they were too expensive, sorting, shifting and washing (I am so glad I have children), we decided to watch Pixar's Cars while said children shredded the bread for the stuffing.

I am past the half way point on Red Scarf #2 and decided to use the time to wind the second skein of Mountain Colors 4/8 (their worsted weight.) Imagine my chagrin when I found the pegs for the swift had disappeared.

This is the determination part.

I certainly wasn't going to get my hands on a dowel any time soon. After much muttering, digging through drawers, and an annoyingly repetitive session of trial and error, I found four mini-markers from one art set or other. All they needed was a little masking tape. Who says duct tape holds the world together?

Besides, it worked.

While working through RS #2, I've been trying to plan out #3. I went back to the scarf Clare had made John for his birthday. When I asked her where she found the pattern, she told me she had made it up, adding garter ridges and changing colors when she got bored. The garter ridges I knew about. The changing colors?

How did I miss this? In among the Lorna's Laces Camouflage, she used Cascade 220 Heathers in Pumpkin Spice. I think I may have wronged her when I suggested she had absconded with my Cascade without permission.

Not only did she change colors, she did stranded color work.

In case you were in doubt, this is the creativity part.

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy.

Funny how I don't find blogging sleep-inducing. Maybe a beer?

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