Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What Goes Around

Comes around. But not usually so soon, or in quite such karmic sync. A box with knitting thoughts for my daughter went out; a box with knitting from my sister came in.

Some time ago, Ellen had embarked on a knitting epic: Afghans for the nieces and nephews. I use the term advisedly. Even without her four, we're talking 12 afghans here. (Do you think the afghan addiction could be genetic?) The sampler afghan for Clare is one chapter, a more elaborate project because Clare is Ellen's god-daughter. She plans to make the rest in variations on a basic pattern. Marco and John were consulted regarding their requirements. This one is Marco's in his colors - purple and blue and rainbow.

This is the yarn Ellen found.

Two colors, a blue variegated and a purple variegated. In a wool-acrylic blend, so I won't be afraid to wash it. What a good sister.

Ellen describes these afghans as making scarves on big needles and sewing them together.

It occurs to me. Younger sisters are sometimes undervalued. Perhaps I have a much better resource for assembling the mitered squares than I realized?

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diane h said...

What a pretty afghan - definitely will distract Marco from the mitred-square masterpiece. I'm sure Ellen would be delighted to help sew squares together -