Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Traveling

I have spent the weekend lost in the 19th Century. My knitting came with.

This is my less girly answer to the next scarf in the Red Scarf 2007 project. It represents the first and half of the second episode in Ken Burn's Civil War.

This is the 2nd half of part two and parts 3 and 4. Grant is laying siege to Vicksburg. Lee is humiliating the Army of the Potomac. Shelby Foote is amazing. Fiddle Fever playing "Ashokan Farewell" still makes me want to cry.

This morning, I return to the present. This is two more repeats of Branching Out (from the chart, please note!) done in celebration. The day is beautiful and my sister called; she wants to go yarn shopping.

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diane h said...

Where are you going to shop for yarn??? I went to Loopy Yarns on Friday - a great place but I worry that she isn't charging enough (Plymouth Encore was cheaper than Nana's). I plan to be there for coffee tomorrow -