Monday, October 23, 2006

Twigging Out?

Well, in my head I had this post all planned. I planned it all last evening. Went to bed thinking about it. Because here I am, "Branching Out." Which translates to making lace.

I'd gone back and read the articles on lace knitting in Interweave's Knit. Dug out my back issues of Piecework to see what they had to say. I went to Eunny Jang's website and worked through her 4-part tutorial on lace knitting (scroll down the sidebar). I have been thinking about this project for a while.

When I picked it up this morning, I'd planned on knitting 3 more repeats, which would have gotten me up to 9 ( 1/3 of the way through). I finished the 7th repeat and decided I couldn't wait to post any longer. Spread it out. Took the above picture. Took a closer look.

Okay. I didn't actually breakout in a wail. It was all in my head. That mistake is on the very first repeat. And on the end, my least favorite place to make a mistake. I always screw up the repair worse than the original error. No, I don't know how I manage it. I just do. I may leave that one and just fix the next two.

Not to mention I never make mistakes on the first repeat. Never. I'm too obsessively reading the instructions stitch by stitch. Counting and recounting before I go on to the next row. Checking and triple-checking. It's later that I get cocky and careless about lifelines and which row I'm on. The first repeat. I've done 7. I could spit nails. I know, it's better than if I'd done 9.

Time for some deep breathing and the second cup of coffee while I screw up my courage to drop the offending stitches and hook my way back up.


diane h said...

Hooray! Lace! What mistake did you make (other than examine existing stitches)? There's nothing to see there -

bethc said...

I think it looks great!! Deep breath and fix that little thing and all will be well soon!