Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deny Deny Deny

I am not avoiding Branching Out (which I keep forgetting to link to, so here it is). I am not at all dismayed or traumatized that I screwed up on the garter stitch part.

Nope, no avoidance going on here, whatsoever. The K3tog's and ssk1-psso's are not making me hanker after simple slip-stitch patterns.

It's just that I stayed up way too late after the boys went to sleep.

I love it when Sam Neill has to race the car out of the tree. I do, however, find it rather credulity-stretching that the velociraptors abandon the nice little pink meal to go after the big thing with all the teeth. Still, it's not exactly a lace-knitting movie, is it?

I'm still not avoiding it this morning; sleep-deprived is no condition to knit lace in, even one repeat lace.

So, I have perfectly legitimate reasons.

Nuh-uh. Not avoiding. Really.

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