Friday, October 06, 2006

Not Quite Knitting in Public

We are up to three avowed knitters and one knitter in denial in my extended family. And we were all together at the birthday bash on Saturday.

We, as a family, haven't quite progressed to group knitting. Of course, a party in our family means 20 or more people. At this particular event, 9 are of the younger generation, and six of those are 12 or younger. A party with this group is not conducive to sitting, much less knitting. Still, when two or three of us gathered . . .

My sister-in-law, while declaiming her lack of ability, none-the-less admits to having a photo of my brother wearing the wonky scarf she made him while on maternity leave. It's framed.

Ellen and Clare are knitting socks for the first time, and needed to update each other. Ellen is knitting one of the lacier socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. She has passed the heel. She thinks she may soon succumb to second sock syndrome, especially since she has plans to knit a pair for her husband "in the wildest colorway, but he picked the yarn." She is also working on a knitted sampler afghan for Clare. She is currently in love with staghorn cables. If you scroll down this page, there's a sweater with them made out of Cascade Eco wool. I bow in awe.

Clare has decided her sock has transmuted into a knee-sock. She's not quite sure how. She is working in stockinette stitch, but patterned yarn. Her sock stayed at college. Also at college, since they are gifts, is a rainbow pile of washcloths. She is secretly working her way through the stitch dictionary in Tahki Cotton Classic. Her emails home are full of references like "worked on article for Journalism and knit." As her birthday gift, Clare made John a hat and scarf to match his jacket.

It's a Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted in "Camouflage." Clearly designed with 12 year old boys in mind.

Our interactions were few and brief. I found myself thinking of those video's in high school chemistry showing what happened to molecules when they were heated.

The knitting will come. We're getting there. I wish I had taken a picture; Ellen brought her knitting bag.

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