Friday, January 02, 2009

Three Strikes

We usually go out to see a real movie in a real theater on New Year's Day. This year, we were afflicted with a sever case of stay-at-home-itis. Instead, we held a private screening of "Field of Dreams" for the kids (who had never seen it), which accounts for my baseball metaphor.

Strike one. I had the clever idea to knit 8 white stripes to represent the year, '08, on the Special Olympics Scarf.

The scarves are for the '09 Winter Olympiad.

Strike two. The specifications for the scarf recommend a width of 4.5 inches.

Mine is almost half again as wide.

Neither of these might have induced me to frog. No one but me would have to know I screwed up the year. In some universe 7 inches might be close to "about 4 1/2." Even still I doubt the Special Olympics Committee would have rejected the scarf. Then I came up against Strike Three.

I like it better thinner.

It's no use trying to berate me or threatening to beat me with a crowbar. It's already too late. This one is out.

7:54 PM. ETA. Kathleen of the Comments did some further checking. Coats and Clark (the sponsor of the SO World Winter Games Scarf Project) has posted a pattern for a SO scarf that measure 5 3/4" by 60," so my 7 inch scarf probably would have been fine. Ah, the dangers of insufficient research.


Kathleen said...


Mine is 6". Hope that is close enough to 4.5" for the SO committee! 4.5 inches seems too narrow and would make such a small scarf.

On the other hand, I'm only 7" into it. Perhaps I should modify my pattern to be narrower and begin again. I might achieve 5" and still have a nice design.

What to do. What to do.

Cathy said...

Very clever...your baseball metaphores.

I finished my scarf. Got anxious when I read about the measurements. I followed the Coats & Clark pattern so I figured what I knit should be OK. I have the width right....mines a tad long, but it's going in the mail tomorrow.

Did you see on the Special Olympics website that they have received over 14,000 scarves so far? I don't feel bad now that I only made 1.

Diane H said...

14000 scarves already? How many did they want? Is this a project I can punt?

Cathy said...

Diane....I'd say you can punt (but that's a football term...what would be an appropriate baseball term to stick w Julie's theme?) They wanted 5,000 and had received 14,000 whenever the website had been updated. What they're going to do w all the extras is beyond me, but hopefully they have a plan.