Friday, January 23, 2009

The Short Versions

It's Friday and I haven't gotten over here to post. I had such plans, too. Plans that my non-knitting life just wasn't going to allow. Sometimes even I cannot bend the space-time continuum to my will. I hate when that happens.

This was going to be Monday.

Monday, however, was Martin Luther King's Birthday so the lads were off from school. No posting on Monday.

This could have been Tuesday; the knitting behind having a brown jacket and scarves that only work with black.

Then I got rather caught up in the whole "we're making history" thing that was going on.

Wednesday I actually had a knitting episode. Sort of. I went to Knitche to spend my Christmas gift after reading about this on Knitting Daily.

Everybody say, "Oooh."

Here's what I meant to write about yesterday.

What excuse can I give you for yesterday? Domestic crisis? Armageddon? Coffee with a friend?

Perhaps if I rewind, unwind, unbend, take a breath, I can post the long versions next week?


Diane H said...

Great montage of knitting. I should read the Knitting Daily more often.

Cate said...

Because it is Friday and that means your brain should rebel against all work and fiber I am sending you this link to inspire you for the weekend ahead: