Monday, June 23, 2008

Subject Change.

No, it's not going well and no, I don't want to talk about it (the sooner one of you charts a triangle the better). Diane sent me an email about the latest Afghan for Afghans initiative. Mason-Dixon blogged about it. I need to escape from Cableland. That's what I call a fortuitous concatenation of events (I've been doing my "Free Rice." Can you tell?).

You can get the details from Afghans for Afghans, but the short version is, they want rectangular shawls, 20 to 24 inches wide, 60 to 80 inches long, not open-work, and they want them (probably) by mid to late July. Somewhere along the way, I read that green is a good color in Afghanistan. I ordered my yarn from Eat. Sleep. Knit. (More points for my Yarn Marathon. I'm in 38th place.)

It's Unique Sheep Super Wool in Evergreen.

I thought I was all set. A nice rectangular stockinette shawl, I thought. One with a nice seed stitch border (I'm quite liking the look of the border on the cable project that we're not mentioning today). It will be prime movie-night knitting, I thought. I could watch any number of High Adventure Boy Movies and not miss a yarn over.

Except then there's me and green. This has never been a good combination. I got bored. I decided that colorful would be better, or at least more endurable. Clare recommended rose. When none of the five shades of pink yarn that turned up when I tossed the stash was deemed acceptable, I took advantage of Tricia's Yarn Harlot sale and went down (through road repair on Cicero Avenue, I might add) in search of rose. If you were me, wouldn't you have been happy with this?

Dale of Norway Tiur in 4425.

Yes, the shawl is still a little dull. Nevertheless, I fully intended to persevere until Clare commented that it was a good thing it was going to Afghanistan.

"Why?" I wondered. She responded, "Baby Bop."

Subject change.

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cheesehead with sticks said...

Well, personally, I love me some green and pink.

I would have never guessed Baby Bop, and I've seen MILLIONS of hours of Barney. :)

Sorry I can't help you out on that triange thing!