Friday, June 13, 2008

Separated by a Common Language

For the past nine months I've been taking English Lessons.

Gas is petrol.
The exit sign says "Way Out."
A trunk is a boot.
A truck is a lorry.
Tea is not just to drink.
A cookie is a biscuit.
A muffin is a teacake (I think).
A camper is a caravan.
"Watch your step" is "mind the gap."
A bake sale is a cake stall.
The mail is the post.
Cots are camp beds.
The railroad is the railway.
Fries are chips and chips are crisps.
Dessert is pudding, unless dessert is fruit(?).
Lunch is dinner and dinner is supper.
Moms with strollers are mums with pushchairs.
A drug store is a chemist.
Then there's pyjama, honour, colour, sympathise, realise.
Worsted originated in Worstead, Norfolk.

Clare comes home tomorrow.

Here I thought labo(u)r was finite.

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